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Household Repairs

Your Neighbor Services provides efficient and reliable residential household repair services. Basically, if you need any type of household maintenance or repairs, we can get the job done for you. Give us a call at (206) 785-2288 today!



Your Neighbor Household Repair Service

Types of Household Repairs Provided by our Handyman Service

There are hundreds of different repairs, installments, and home-improvement services that our handyman services can take care of for you. Here is a breakdown of the different types of our household handyman services:


Assembly is considered to be any type of job that requires assembling or putting together something in your home. A few examples of assembly services are:

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Cabinet Assembly
  • Storage Rack Assembly
  • Fence Assembly
  • Basketball Pole Assembly

Carpentry Services

Carpentry services will provide you with wood installation or remodeling. A few more examples of carpentry services are:

  • Crown Molding Installation or Repair
  • Cabinet Installation and Repair
  • Fence Repair
  • Deck Repair
  • Mantel Installation or Repair
  • Shelving Installation or Repair
  • Bookcase Installation or Repair

Electrical Services

Electrical services may be required to fix wiring or install new electrical devices. A few examples of electrical services are:

  • Light Fixture Installation or Repair
  • Wall Switches and Socket Repair or Installation
  • Hard to Reach Light Bulb Replacements or Repair
  • Smoke Detector Installation or Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Repair or Installation

Installation Services

Installation services are needed in a lot of cases. A few examples of installation services are:

  • Baby Proofing
  • Countertop Installation
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Door Installation
  • Toilet Installation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Faucet and Showerhead Installation
  • Gutter Installation
  • Handrail or Stairs Installation

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are for anything that needs to be regularly replaced or kept-up on your home. A few examples of maintenance services are:

  • Power Washing
  • Exterior Stucco Repair
  • Gutter Maintenance
  • Deck Maintenance
  • Fence Maintenance
  • Patching Drywall
  • Roof Maintenance

Painting Services

Indoor and outdoor paint projects are no problem for a handyman. A few examples of painting services are:

  • Crown Molding and Trim Painting
  • Door Painting
  • Deck Staining or Painting
  • Furniture Painting or Staining
  • Indoor Wall Painting
  • Outdoor Wall Painting

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are needed for leaky pipes as well as clogged drains. A few more examples that require plumbing services are:

  • Faucet Repair or Installation
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Sink Installation
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Toilet Repair or installation
  • Plumbing Leaks

Repair Services

Household objects break quite often, and the repair doesn’t have to be a difficult one. A few examples of repair services are:

  • Window or Screen Repair
  • Door Repair
  • Countertop Repair
  • Drywall Repair
  • Deck or Patio Repair
  • Flooring Repair
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Toilet Repair
  • Tile Repair

Home Safety Adjustments for Handicapped People

We can also help to create a safer home for those who suffer from handicaps and immobility. A few examples of how we can do this are:

  • Raising Toilet Seats
  • Installing Hand Bars
  • Widening Doorways
  • Installing Ramps
  • Installing Stairway Seats

As you can see, there is really no limit as to what our household handyman services can help you with as far as home improvements. There are much more services that our handyman services can provide you with than what is listed above.  Give us a call about any of your household improvement questions.


We are in this together so trust goes both ways. Allowing us to do a great job while providing you with the best service and communication is an essential part of this relationship.


We pledge to be honest about timelines and estimates when you are honest with your goals and your budget. This will ensure the perfect job, every time.


We will never undercut and then change the script to win the contract. Talking about money can be difficult, but our philosophy is that this should be done clearly to avoid any miscommunication.

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