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Your Neighbor Remodeling Seattle provides efficient and reliable residential and home remodeling services. We are dedicated to making your dreams a reality to make your home even greater. Give us a call at (206) 785-2288 today!


Your Neighbor Remodeling

We are licensed, bonded and insured to make certain that you are provided with top-quality work and protection. In an effort to ensure we make a great fit for your project we are an exclusive company. Your projects are important and need the best possible choice. We believe our work shines and our professionalism speaks for itself. As such, we ask for your patience when starting a new project. We pay extreme attention to detail from start to finish and never cut corners. We follow every regulation and acquire the necessary permits to maintain a professional and safe environment for your dream project. We provide honest and fair pricing and estimates. We would hate to overpromise or undercut. We strive to make this an incredible experience all the way through. We know remodeling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster and as such gladly accept clients who meet the following requirements.


We are in this together so trust goes both ways. Allowing us to do a great job while providing you with the best service and communication is an essential part of this relationship.


Again, this goes both ways. We pledge to be honest about timelines and estimates when you are honest with your goals and your budget. This will ensure the perfect job, every time.


We will never undercut and then change the script to win the contract. Talking about money can be difficult, but our philosophy is that this should be done clearly to avoid any miscommunication.

Let’s Get Started

The above criteria is a recipe for a great experience and a fantastic project. The job may be declined if any of these requirements are not met. We want to help build your dream project. Give us a call to discuss your project to take the first step in making it a reality.